"I have just started to work with Scott at ActionCoach and I have to say, while we're just at the beginning I have nothing but praise for him. I am usually leery of people making big claims and being pushy - Scott is neither of those things. He's listened to me attentively, given me individual attention, actually cares about me and my business, and has given me actionable tasks to take to improve my business. If you're thinking about a coach, give Scott a few minutes of your time and I believe you will be as impressed as I have."
Victor - Austin, TX
"Scott has been my coach for a month now and I can say there has been immediate impact. As a business owner, I knew a long time ago I needed a coach but didnt act upon it. I am glad I finally did and its paying off!"
Jason - Mission Viejo, CA
"Scott talks the talk! Scott leverages his 20+ years of real world experience to instantly sync, understand and empathize with his clients. Every minute with Scott provides great value across all aspects of life."
Dan - Austin, TX
"Scott is a great coach. He really taught me how to run my business instead of work at it!"
Mark - Austin, TX
"I am so excited to have ActionCOACH as a guide on my journey to success. Scott is awesome, easy to talk to, with a genuine desire to help clients be successful."
Myra - Austin, TX
"Scott and his Actioncoach staff are amazing!! They are determined to help everyone they interact with become winners. Every time we speak I feel more empowered to move on to the next level."
JimTees - Austin, TX

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