Understand how numbers (Math) comes into your dreams and plans

I want to share a conversation from a coaching call with a friend that I’m coaching. She is a single mom, going to school, trying to get a better job and all that good stuff working part time as well. To say she has a lot of shit going on in her life, a lot of distractions is an understatement.

So she’s working 80 hours a week is an understatement. That being said, she started to build a side hustle, get to some different programs, MLM stuff, which is great stuff out there, and we coach a lot of people like that. And she originally said “I just wanna make an extra $300 a month.”

I want you to think for a minute about personal goals, personal planning in expanding your dreams and seeing what can really happen.

I say, OK, but here’s the question I want to ask you, “How much are you making in your part time job?” She answered, “I work about 20 hours a week to make, you know, probably clear over a $1,000 a month from.” OK, so here’s the thought I want you to focus on, If your side hustle can make you fifteen hundred dollars a month, would you quit your job?

Her response after a minute of thought, “Wow, I didn’t think about that!”  Let me say that again, wow, I didn’t think about that. So we dove into find out if it is possible. I said, “What about if we could get you in the next 90 days to $2,000 a month? That’s the $300 you wanted plus the thousand you’re making now and an extra 700 on top. And by the way, you won’t be working 20 hours a week doing once we get it built that way, the way the MLM system works.”

Now the wheels start turning faster in her brain. She said, “I can do this stuff on my phone while I’m at the park with my daughter, my other kids.”

You need to start thinking differently. That’s the key to this story, and this isn’t even an embrace failure moment. This is just “How can I change my life?” The smile that came over her face as we talked about this, and it starts kind of sinking in like, oh crap, I, I can do this, which means now I can be a full-time student and a full-time mom and truly not just work part time, but make more money than I’ve made in a long life changing.

And then when she becomes a nurse, this stuff’s still going to be there. Yes, she is also going to school to become a nurse. So now she can catch up financially in life because this MLM side hustle, set it and forget it almost. Or there’s not a lot to it because it’s repeat, repeat your new subscriptions, buying new stuff, your clientele. And she doesn’t want to build a team under her.

So, what are you thinking in your goals? How are you seeing what your future can be and truly embracing what you truly want your future to be?

That’s what we’re talking about here. That’s how we change lives. That’s what excites me every day knowing. And I want to help everyone. That’s what we do.

You see everything we believe in is possible. We believe that we’re meant for better things. We believe that we can accomplish greatness. We believe we can change our lives. We believe in embracing failure. We believe we can have whatever income we want. We believe we can have the lifestyle we want.

What do you believe in? What do you want? And now how do we help you get to actually believe it can become true for you? That’s what goal setting is all about. What income do you want? And we need MATH to get us there!

So, we figured out three thousand dollars. Let’s get to three thousand dollars a month. Great. She has two different MLM she’s working with. How much does she have to sell each month in each one? She typically on one of them makes about $100 in commission on what she sells. She has to sell 30 of them every month. Right? 30 every month. Now, how does that break down? She was like, OK, so how many is that a week?

Let’s say you’re going to work about four days a week. Part time, and we’ll show her how to do that. So that means thirty divided by four weeks is what? That’s about seven and a half, four times a week. For those four days, that’s it. She started believing because she broke the numbers down to small chunks. And that is KEY here! Big numbers scare almost everyone. Break it down into small chunks and it is not so overwhelming. Remember, how to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. You can’t get the whole thing in your mouth so one bite at a time.

Take small bites, small incremental changes in our lives when multiplied add up to big numbers.

So how do we get you to the life you want? First, you’ve got to see it. It has been two coaching sessions to get her there. Now, our next coaching session, we start getting into the numbers in the start, building her road map for activity she needs to do so that we can get her to when she can quit her job.

This side hustle, that is for her income. It’s not even a job. She reports to no one and she can do it while she’s hanging out with her daughter at the park. Right now, to be focused more on her daughter at the park, of course, but she can quickly do a quick email, send something off, quick text message and get back to her daughter so she has more quality time with everyone, including herself.

I want you to think that way as you think about your goals, think about the life you want.

Think about it, take time, sit back, start dreaming big and then dream bigger and then let’s get you there.