Our WHY…

To remove the perceived walls and ceiling we place around ourselves that keep us from reaching the heights of success and prosperity that God intends for us

Mission Statement:

To inspire a person’s belief that they can achieve more, increase their desire to make it so, then show them how.

Vision Statement:

As sales is a skill you can learn, and increase, we believe that all can succeed in sales, creating the income for the life they truly want. By providing access to advance sales training that turns everyone into high performing sales achievers, everyone can start turning their dreams into a high-income reality.

Value Statement:

Shinjiru: We believe that everything is possible:

  • A mission with a higher purpose
  • All of us can achieve greatness
  • To give more than we receive
  • We are all worthy of abundance in all aspects of life
  • To embrace failure for we are capable of more than we know
  • Finding the good in everyone
  • That with clarity of vision the road to success is always right there for us

What do you believe in?